Foto Trio Vienna
Vienna Blues Spring – Austria, 2016

Verteramo trio is an electric blues band from Buenos Aires, Argentina distinguished not only by their youth, but also by the pursuit of a fresh sound within the tradition of the genre.

It is constituted by Federico Verteramo on guitar and lead vocals, Christian Morana on bass and German Pedraza on drums. During 10 years they have shared stage with different projects and in 2015 they begin to call themselves Verteramo Trio.

Since then they have made hundreds of shows in more than 10 countries.

CD release in Buenos Aires

In July 2016, they recorded in Estudios Del Parral their debut album. The latter, with a powerful sound and recorded live, manages to replicate the energy and forcefulness that the band achieves in their live shows. The production of the album was in charge of Julio Fabiani and has many talented guests musicians such as Guido Venegoni (Tamesis) and Florencia Andrada, a remarkable Soul singer from Argentina, amongst others.

In April 2016 they made a successful tour in Europe including presentations in Austria, Holland, France and Spain. The repercussions were most positive and the doors opened up for a second Europe tour in 2017 with still more shows and extending their music towards Germany and Hungary as well. CLICK HERE for a briefing video of 2016’s tour.

With Dylan Bishop (Texas, Usa) in Buenos Aires- 2017

CAs a result of these experiencies and the blending with other musicians, a new album to be edited in 2018, emerged; #europabluestour. This upcoming album hunts to transform the bridges traced between Buenos Aires and Europe into music. Musicians like Jörg Danielsen(Austria), Bone Tee (France), Suzzete MoncriefQuique Gómez y Pablo Sanpa (Spain), took part in some of the songs of the album. The record was funded by a prosperous crowdfunding, meaning that the followers of the band placed their effort to make it possible.

In june 2017 they played together with Dylan Bishop in a self-produced tour including 9 shows in Argentina. Dylan is a well-known and most gifted young musician from Texas, USA. His recent edited album is praised by critics and counts with the participation of Jimmie Vaughan, with whom he plays assiduosly. CLICK HERE for videos playing together.

With Jörg Danielsen (Austria) in Buenos Aires – 2017

Following the same commitment, in March 2017, they toured with Jörg Danielsen, from Vienna Austria. The bond between Jörg and the band grew stronger as a consequence of this tour and in March 2018 he will be once again in Argentina not only playing live shows, but also recording his new album together with Verteramo Trio.